• Rachael Herman

Why You Need A Dermatologist

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? Different areas can be supple, scaly, soft, and scratchy all at the same time! Skin is complicated and that is why you need someone who specializes in skin.

Enter, the dermatologist.

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who deals with the skin and all that comes with it. Moles, acne, rashes, psoriasis, nails, hair. If it is the skin or something that pokes out of it, a dermatologist knows it! Dermatologists have the specialized training needed to recognize the subtle clues that allow them to give the correct diagnosis. They also have the proper instruments to biopsy or remove suspicious skin lesions.

Let's say you perceive that you have a 'rash' on your arm. A visit to your general doctor, may yield you a prescription cream to use on the affected area. But after weeks of use and no improvement, you seek out a dermatologist to help you. The derm looks at what was thought to be a 'rash' and knows that it is, instead, a fungal infection of the skin. The dermatologist takes a different course of action, and your fungal infection clears.

Go to a dermatologist first for your skin concerns!

Why? The above path cost you two co-pays, two co-insurances, the cost of two prescriptions, and time off of work. You could have cut that all in half by visiting your dermatologist first!

Don't have a dermatologist? Go to AAD.org to find one in your area.

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